~ THE NATURAL GODDESS ~ Our Natural Goddess shoot was inspired by the natural beauty of our hometown Byron Bay. Everywhere you go there is gorgeous flora and fauna to see along with beautiful ladies empowered by their natural feminine energy. If eyes really are the windows to the soul, it's not hard to tell that our [...]


GODDESS MASCARA SALE This week we are offering 20% OFF our hero product, the Goddess Mascara. The 20% off applies to both the Black and Babylon Brown shades. Award winning Goddess Mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes, strengthens and lengthens and adds volume for ultimate Goddess lashes. Non smudge and clump proof formulation, styled by [...]

BLOGGED: Goddess Of Babylon

GODDESS OF BABYLON PACK Introducing the Eye of Horus Goddess Of Babylon Pack, the perfect pack to transform you into an exotic Goddess. Designed for the everyday women our Goddess Of Babylon Pack features our recent Babylon Brown Series in one exclusive limited edition pack. The city of Babylon was the capital of the ancient land [...]

Promotional Packs

Promotional Pack ~ Glowing Goddess The Glowing Goddess Pack is designed for the Goddess who dwells in the sunshine. The products are illuminating and best compliment a bronzed skin tone. This pack includes the Isis Sun Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, the Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil, Goddess Mascara and to top it all off the Bronzing Brush. [...]

Annalee Muggeridge

Annalee Muggeridg - Sheba Smokey Eyes BEAUTY PROFILE: ANNALEE MUGGERIDG Annalee Muggeridge is a NZ Beauty guru a make-up artist/blogger and enthusiast of all things skin care, make-up and newest beauty trends. Her goal is to create great looking skin for a flawless make-up look. She has created a stunning look using Eye of Horus [...]