Babylon Brown Series

NIKKIA JOY: BABYLON BROWN LOOK NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Babylon Brown Series Autumn/Winter seasons trends call for an introduction to our Babylon Brown series. BABYLON Babylon evokes images of the hanging terraced gardens and the Ancient City, of abundance, fertility and nature. Our Babylon Brown Liquid Define Eyeliner and Mascara possess the same earthy tones for [...]


STAY GOLDEN PROMOTION In celebration of Australia Day we are offering a FREE Alchemy Gold Liquid Metal Liner when you purchase any 2 or more products online. Offer is running from 23rd-29th January. Enriched with with Lavender Water, Aloe vera and Evening Prim Rose Oil... Gloriously glowing and illuminating pure precious Gold metal shade in [...]
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BLACK FRIDAY PACK LIQUID GODDESS VIDEO BLACK FRIDAY GODDESS ESSENTIAL PACK The Black Friday Goddess Essential Pack is specifically for our Black Friday Sale. Offering 2 of our BEST SELLING signature products. This signature pack includes: - Black Liquid Define Liner - Black Goddess Mascara - Custom Cosmetic Tweezers - Free Eye of Horus Necklace [...]